Thursday, 10 November 2016

Amplifying Student Voice Beyond the School Walls


Giving students the opportunity to publish their work to an audience other than the teacher, their classmates and other students in their school gives them a powerful incentive to raise the bar.


Publishing artefacts students produce allows their voice to reach a larger audience. This may be on topics of personal importance, issues they really care about or simply encouraging a sense of pride that what they produce matters (thereby empowering them to use this voice in other contexts too).


A Writing teacher sends his students' texts to publishers' websites.

An ELA teacher connects her classroom with one or more abroad.


The following sites accept student submissions:
The following may accept student submissions:
And if you can't find an online space to publish your student work, why not create one with Google Sites, Wordpress or Blogger? (Then come back and share it with us!)

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