Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Choosing Learning Channels


Students have choice from a range of different ways investigate a new topic or develop skills. Teachers - and preferably students also - collate a bank of resources through which students can direct their learning.


Those of us who have self-educated in any subject area know that we have different ways of approaching our learning. I, personally, prefer videos about my topic before moving on detailed written pieces and then practice. Others prefer writing and the ability to take in the information again without hitting rewind.
Middle and high school students are still learning how to self-educate. They may not know what strategies or procedures work best for them. When teachers offer a variety of resources through which they can take in the new material, they have a choice in the direction of their learning and are also poised to offer their voice in coming up with new methods of study or directions of learning.


One way of presenting this information is through a website that acts as a virtual textbook. This is something that I am building as a teacher, and it is still in its infant stage. Here is how I have laid out the information for one of my ELA units: Learning How to Learn unit study


Video Resources

Online Skills Practice

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