Saturday, 5 November 2016

Student-Created Learning Resources


Students create their own resources - researching and learning as they go.


Students can choose a subtopic from a larger heading to focus on. They can also choose how they'd like to present the information (choosing from a menu such as this one).


For an example of what a student could produce, watch the video below on thesis statements produced by 2 GCSE students.

Another example, in an GCSE (Grade 10) exam-class context, was students creating their own study guide for a novel study. One group had chosen to study Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, and decided the best way to facilitate and show their readiness for the exam was to co-create a study guide.
They divided roles between them, chose their platform and organisation tools (with some suggestions from the teacher too), and got on with the job. The slideshow below shows some of the features and the video at the end is one university student reflecting on the experience.

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