Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Individualised 'CYOA' Resources


With all ages I teach, I create a portal based on their specific literacy learning needs. This means that while there are always resources that are common to every class (e.g. the dreaded subject-verb agreement), there are also resources for the students I have in front of me at the time. The result is a Choose Your Own Activity style experience.

Through self, peer and teacher assessment, students identify what their learning needs are. They then access the materials most relevant to them individually via a portal of collated resources.


Students agree to submit resources they find that may be of use to others. In that way, we build a community of sharing and support, and ensure that materials are entirely relevant to each student's needs.

Students can be accountable in different ways, from recording their progress in their notebooks to completing a paper or Google Form when done. However, my personal preference is that they write a reflection in their blogs (or notebooks) answering some straightforward prompts about:
  • What they did
  • The impact it had
  • Next steps to take to consolidate this learning
One way to do this is the What? So What? Now What? protocol developed by Gene Thompson-Grove (2004).

It is essential to get students' feedback on the materials to ensure they are helpful, relevant and up-to-date. We usually have a dedicated thread on our class forum for reporting issues and recommending particular pages. Involving students in the evaluation process means you can be sure only the best resources remain over time.
This could be replicated with any core content from your subject area.


There are many tools available for collaboratively collating including:


For an example of what this collation might look like on a Google Site, click here.

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